Session Locations

When it comes to picking the location for your session, we have plenty of options for you! We always offer locations that will fit the time of day that your session is scheduled for. Some of the things that we take into consideration are lighting conditions and popularity. No one wants random strangers walking around in their photos! All of our sessions are held on location (with the exception of newborn and sitter sessions) using the natural light that is provided to us. 

If you are booking a newborn session, don't you worry! We will host those sessions at Nic White Photography's in home studio (located in Estacada, OR) so we don't get rained on. 


The location of your session will be determined between you, your family and Nic White Photography! All sessions include 40 miles of roundtrip travel from Estacada, OR (zip code 97023) but we absolutely LOVE traveling to new and exciting locations! 

Have a property in mind? Whether that be a piece of land that holds a special place in your heart or an adventurous spot on Mt. Hood, let's chat! If you would like to use a property to requires fees and/or permissions, we simply ask that clients go through the process to meet those requirements.

Troutdale, OR


Our personal favorite as well as a favorite amongst our clients! This property is ever changing with bold, rustic colors during Fall and loads of wildflowers during the Summer. The property also has vineyards, old buildings and large fields.

Westmoreland Park


Located in Milwaukie, OR, Westmoreland Park offers a natural backdrop of lush bushes and trees along the Crystal Springs Creek. The park offers bridges that overlook the wetlands as well as a few open, grassy areas.

south waterfront


A hidden gem within the bustling city! This neighborhood not only holds a secret garden of lily filled ponds but it also gives clients a special view of the Willamette River and city. During the Summer months, evening sessions offer golden hour light that spills through the alleys and gardens.

Lake Oswego, OR


Looking for fields? Look no further! Nestled away in a little neighborhood hides a special park that overlooks fields of farms and vineyards. Nearby, there is a community garden that is overflowing with flowers! And a few chickens (that wear sweaters during the colder months).

Eastbank Esplanade


Hop across the Willamette River to the industrial side of Portland! If you are looking for old buildings, maybe some graffiti or just a grungy, older city backdrop...this spot is for YOU!

Nic White Photography Studio


Our in home studio is our preferred location for all newborn sessions and sitter sessions! We have a wide array of props, clothing and backdrops for your in studio session!

The Oregon Coast


We know of a "secret" little beach just outside of Lincoln City that we LOVE to host Summer sessions at! Full of Sitka spruce trees, a lazy little creek and a beach area that offers an experience unlike most others on the Oregon Coast!

Mt. Hood, OR


Let it snow, let it snow, LET IT SNOW! Head to the mountain for those Winter images that you have waited all year for! The mountain is especially great for holiday sessions!

Columbia River Gorge


Take a drive out east where the views from the cliffs overlook the Columbia River Gorge! Waterfalls, the Columbia River and mountains stretch as far as the eye can see!