Your Outfit matters


Let's Chat About Clothing!

Here are some helpful tips when deciding on what to wear for your session. I LOVE seeing what everyone will be showing up in! It helps ME to help YOU have the best outcome for your session!Once you have booked your session, start shoppin' for your outfits! You don't want to have to reschedule because your dress did not arrive on time. Booooo!

One suggestion that I have is to pick YOUR favorite outfit and build around that! Whatever you decide to wear, you should feel slightly uncomfortable, but in a good way! You know when you get all dressed up, you feel that slight awkwardness because you don’t typically dress up on a day to day basis (I'm raising my hand on this one)? But you KNOW you look good? THAT’S the feeling you are looking for!

General Tips for Outfits

  • If I was only able to offer one tip, it would be this - avoid bright/neon colors (hot pinks, bright greens, neon yellows, etc.). These colors tend to color cast which means that if you choose to wear hot pink, your skin will show up hot pink in your images.
  • I highly recommend picking clothing that does not include large logos or graphics. We want the focus to be on your family! Nike has plenty of photos of their swoosh. Floral patterns, stripes, etc are all a ok! 
  • You are more than welcome to bring clothing to change into. Outfit changes count towards your session time. Read below if you want ideas on how to change up an outfit without completely changing!
  • If you have children that will be photographed during the colder months, please dress them in warm clothing. Or if its warm, dress your kids for their comfort. They will show how cold/hot they are in photos if they are not dressed to be comfortable and will more than likely not enjoy their portion of the session.
  • Speaking of warmer weather, I encourage wearing sunscreen and bug spray (of course this is optional but highly recommended). Some of the locations are known for having ticks. Please protect yourself and your family.
  • Be prepared in the first outfit you have chosen to be photographed in. Please bring any other outfits that you would like your family to change into with you so everyone can change halfway through the session. #timesaver

Quick Tips for Changing Up an Outfit

  • LAYER! Coats, vests and sweaters are a great way to layer up and quickly change the look of an outfit. Simply take the outer layer off and voila! You have a new outfit! No bathroom needed.
  • Wear jewelry! Necklaces, bracelets, earrings all help jazz up an outfit! 
  • Bows are great for small children! You can put them on the little guys to make them look SUPER handsome! You can also use bows in hair to help keep strands out of their faces all while dressing up a look. 
  • If your child HATES headbands and bows in their hair, try a fancy braid instead!
  • Hats are underrated when it comes to photo shoots! Get that sun hat that you have looked at a handful of times but haven’t had a reason to buy! Bring it with you to your session and let's see what magic we can create!

Ladies...These Tips are for YOU!

  • REMOVE THE HAIR TIE FROM YOUR WRIST. In fact, if you can avoid wearing them around your wrists prior to your session, that would be ideal! That way you do not have marks where the hair tie was. 
  • Make sure to wear a neutral colored nail polish and touch up any chips if needed. If you wear a neon or bright nail color, you can bet that everyone will see that before they see how awesome your family looks!

If you choose to wear a hair tie on your wrist or bright colors on those pretty nails of yours, don’t expect them to disappear in your images via Photoshop. Womp, womp!

Gentlemen...We Can’t Forget About Tips for YOU!

  • Remove sunglasses and ball caps from your head. Leave them in a bag, at home, in the car...anywhere but on you during your session.
  • Empty items from your pockets. This includes back pockets. Trust me, you don’t want the lady in your life glaring at you for NOT removing items from your pockets.
  • Remove watches from your wrists.

Nic White Photography is not responsible for any upset ladies in your life because you wore a hat, wore a big watch and/or didn’t empty your pockets. I’m setting you up for success with your family here. 

my FAVORITE shops

Looking for some inspiration? Or better yet, would you like to borrow an outfit or some accessories for your upcoming session? Look no further!

If you are looking for a place to purchase outfits from, here are some of my favorite and highly recommended places!

Free People




Third Bird Nest

Old Navy

TJ Maxx

Target (psh, duh)

Knotted Fern

Pink Blush (maternity)


Jamie Kay