Do you offer sessions in your studio? Can we host our session indoors?

Due to the limited amount of space and lighting, we do not offer session at our in home studio. Sessions are held on location using natural light. There are studios in the Portland Metro area that are available to rent by the hour and we have a couple of favorites that we would be happy to recommend! We ask that any rental fee's be covered by the client wishing to use an indoor space.

Newborn and Sitter Sessions are the only sessions that we host at the Nic White Photography in home studio at this time.

What if the weather is poor (raining, snowing, etc.)?

We live in such a beautiful area that unfortunately blesses us with lots of rain! If the weather is poor the day of your session (raining, snowing, hailing, etc.), we will contact you to let you know that your session will need to be rescheduled. This is to protect your investment as well as the equipment used to capture your images. We appreciate your understanding that the weather is completely out of our control.

My newborn only sleeps in the evening. Can we schedule our session then?

We understand that newborns may sleep better during a certain time of the day. But due to lighting conditions, we schedule all newborn sessions in the mornings. We have a bunch of great techniques to help your newborn get nice and sleepy. We will also send a preparation guide that has tips and tricks that encourage a successful newborn session!

Can I have all of the images and/or the originals from our session?

Nope! Your session includes the promised number of images that are hand edited with lots of love and deliver in high resolution as promised. Original/RAW images from your session belong to the photographer and will not be delivered.

I cannot download my gallery from my phone/iPad. What do I do?

As wonderful as our phones and iPads are, they are not able to download ZIP files. You can, however, download the images one by one on your phone. Your entire gallery can be downloaded onto a computer with one click.

What are web formatted images?

Web formatted images are smaller in size and include the Nic White Photography logo on them. We encourage sharing these images online versus the high resolution images for several reasons. The number one reason is to protect your images from being stolen and used elsewhere.