"I'm ready to book our session! How do I do this?"



Fill out form.



I will send you an email after you have booked your session and paid the retainer to discuss next steps. Be prepared to tell me all about your family! I want to know everything!

"How do we pick a date for our session?"


Fantastic question! I book one month in advance meaning, if you select August as the month you would like to host your session in, I will reach out via email in July with dates and times that are available for August. Super, duper easy!

"My husband HATES getting his picture taken!"


I don't blame him! I am totally awkward in front of the camera myself and if I had it my way, I would much rather be shoppin' at Target than getting my picture taken on a weekend morning. 

This is an area that I feel I am an expert in. I can figure out who it is in the group that really doesn't want to be there and make it fun for them! Whether that be talking about sports (hello, I am a HUGE hockey fan) or talking about their favorite kind of beer, I focus on making the (short) experience a fun one. And I will also talk to their wife/significant other about making sure they get a treat for being good during the session too!

"What if my child has RBF?"


I've had this EXACT question, word for word, asked of me. And my response was, "this sounds like a fun challenge"! And it was! I LOVE a good challenge! Whether that be a grandma who wants to talk all about their dogs instead of posing or a kid who would rather run and hide. If grandma wants to chat about dogs, hey, I love dogs! Let's chat while we snap away! If your child wants to glare at me, I'm going to capture that shot! You'll love sending that picture into their high school to use as their baby picture for their senior yearbook. But I also bring stickers, toys and candy to help negotiate a smile or two out of them as well. Easy peasy!

"Do you offer sessions in your studio? Can we host our session indoors?"


Nah. You don't want to shoot in my studio unless its for a newborn or sitter session. Trust me! My in home studio space is super small and has limited lighting. Rest assured that your on location session (using natural light) will provide the BEST results for the images for your gallery! 

If you insist on using a studio space though, there are studios in the Portland Metro area that are available to rent by the hour (at your cost). I have a couple of favorites that I would be happy to recommend! 

"What if the weather is poor (raining, snowing, etc.)?"


Oh Oregon...how I love you but man oh man you rain a BUNCH! We live in such a beautiful area that unfortunately (and fortunately) blesses us with lots of rain! If the weather is poor the day of your session (raining, snowing, hailing, sharknado, etc.), we will contact you to let you know that your session will need to be rescheduled. This is to protect your investment as well as the equipment used to capture your images. 

I never cancel sessions in advance due to forecasted weather. 9.5 times out of 10, we get one hour of good weather to host sessions. Think of all the times we were promise Snowmagedon and got nothing but sunshine! Honestly, those stormy skies provide some breathtaking backdrops! But if we do have to reschedule, I will contact you the day of your session and let ya know that we need to find another date. 

I appreciate your understanding that the weather is completely out of my control. If anyone knows how to get ahold of Mother Nature to discuss the weather, please let me know. I'd love her contact info.

"My newborn only sleeps in the evening. Can we schedule our session then?"


I only sleep in the evenings too. Well, and sometimes take a nap midday but thats another story. I understand that newborns may sleep better during a certain time of the day. But to provide you with the BEST results, I schedule all newborn sessions in the mornings on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays. I have a bunch of great techniques to help your newborn get nice and sleepy. I will also send a preparation guide that has tips and tricks that encourage a successful newborn session!

"Can I have all of the images and/or the originals from our session?"


Nope! Even if I said "yes", you wouldn't even be able to see the images on your own computer because they are in RAW format (photographer jargon). Your session includes the promised number of images (and probably a handful more because I love overdelivering) that are hand edited with lots of love and deliver in high resolution as promised. Original/RAW images from your session belong to the photographer (that's ME!) and will not be delivered.

"I cannot download my gallery from my phone/iPad. What do I do?"


As wonderful as our phones and iPads are, they are not able to download ZIP files. Come on technology, CATCH UP! You can, however, download the images one by one to your phone. Your entire gallery can be downloaded onto a computer with one click. BOOM. EASY!

"What are web formatted images?"


Web formatted images are smaller in size and include the Nic White Photography logo on them. I encourage sharing these images online versus the high resolution images for several reasons. The number one reason is to protect your images from being stolen and used elsewhere.

"What if I go into labor early? How do You ensure that you will have a spot for my newborn session?"


Great question! I only take a certain number of newborn clients per month to ensure that I have PLENTY of openings in case of early/late arrivals. All newborn sessions are held on Monday, Wednesday or Friday mornings. In my years of hosting newborn sessions, I have never ran into scheduling issues (so long as clients prepare for a session on a Mon/Wed/Fri).